Graphic Design

I have long been interested in design, composition, and finding creative and smart ways to visually convey information. I understand the immense power of brand—the perception of an organization from the collective experience across all touchpoints—and the role design plays in supporting a powerful, meaningful identity. I have created the artwork below.


Logo Design



Magazine spreads for Chromaculture Magazine, a fictional quarterly publication for artists, designers, and those obsessed with all things color.

Infographic and icon set for WW about building and maintaining heathy habits, in support of holistic wellness through nutrition, exercise, and cognitive well-being.




Ad Campaigns

TRY Studio’s Composition Art Lab is a 60-day intensive online course for artists to build a creative habit and portfolio while learning composition fundamentals.

Limn Colors creates artist-grade watercolor paints that highlight the unique characteristics of each individual pigment, from scratch with premium ingredients and no fillers.


Print Collateral


Poster Design


Artwork by Amanda Hinton