My broad generalist skills are complemented by deep experience in digital and content marketing. I am passionate about telling stories, verbally and visually. I build content and campaigns that prove legitimacy and build loyalty. Good marketing is a balance between style and substance: it can look and sound slick, but is must be authentic.


Project Samples

Limn Colors creates artist-grade watercolor paints that emphasize the unique properties of each pigment. Paints are made from scratch with high pigment loads and no fillers, and packaged in half pans with lids that are 3d printed in-house with compostable PLA. As the founder of Limn Colors, I wear all the hats, including operations, finance, customer service, administration, and of course, marketing.

  • Developed product, packaging, and company identity

  • Created website, social media, and email content to share company story, work, and process and to connect with customers about painting

  • Taught watercolor classes: Intro to Materials, Texture and Effects, and Color Mixing

  • Presented watercolor paintmaking demonstration and pigment overview at Exploratorium, Maker Faire Bay Area, and Flax Art & Design


The Crucible is a nonprofit organization and art school dedicated to making the fine and industrial arts accessible for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. During my tenure as the senior marketing executive at the country’s largest industrial arts makerspace, marketing capabilities and sophistication grew significantly, in both customer-facing and backend process / tooling, resulting in hitting ambitious revenue, enrollment, and community engagement targets. 

  • Produced print and digital ad campaigns, social media content, postal mail campaigns, and weekly email newsletter

  • Led a complete overhaul of the website and online store, with significant contributions to content and user experience

  • Collaborated with Development team on communications assets and campaigns to drive membership and donations

  • Improved presence, collateral, and effectiveness at open houses and events


GT Nexus (acquired) is a B2B cloud supply chain company for manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers. For GT Nexus, I led the digital marketing team that increased site visitors 25% and resource library pageviews 176%, grew social media audience 75% and engagement 150%, and accrued 600,000+ YouTube video views.

  • Grew presence and engagement across all online channels and continually adjusted approach according to digital analytics and best practices

  • Led technical and design projects (project management, wireframing, content, debugging, collaboration with DevOps, launch, and team training) with digital agency and collaborated with in-house creative team to produce multimedia assets, websites, digital campaigns, and social media ad campaigns

  • Owned, optimized for search, and constantly improved corporate websites, including interactive library of ~450 thought leadership assets

  • Established editorial calendar and worked with industry segment leaders, subject matter experts, writers, and designers to produce premium content marketing assets including papers, podcast episodes, infographics, articles, and blog posts


IAS (acquired) was a SaaS supply chain solution for container shipping and intermodal transportation. For IAS, I managed day-to-day marketing activity, working across departments with product, sales, hr, and client services.

  • Owned complete marketing plan and execution, including strategy, budget, concept and content creation, project management, and identity

  • Built entirely new set of print and digital assets to make the large product family cohesive and comprehensible

  • Managed collateral, presentations, sales tools, press, events, online communities, social media, and new product launches

  • Handled relationship with graphic design firm, PR agency, videographer, photographer, and consultants

  • Engaged, inspired, and galvanized the organization around the brand so all could bring it to life in their area of functional expertise


Other Marketing Projects

  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google for TRY Studio Composition Art Lab

  • Volunteer work for SF Polis website, print material, and outreach

  • Marketing plan for launch of Knoxville Force, a team joining the National Premier Soccer League

  • Research and marketing strategy for the East Tennessee Foundation community fund

  • Informal marketing consulting for friends, other entrepreneurs, and ex-coworkers


Imagery by various artists, agencies, and designers attributed in captions. Campaigns by Amanda Hinton and team.