Personal Projects

I enjoy exploring different media, finding out how the materials work, developing new processes. I love the tools of creation: pens of all types including Illustrator’s pen tool, brushes both bristled and digital, toothy paper for paint and smooth for fountain pens, 3d printer filament, washi, the sharpest scissors, color swatch cards, my palette, inks, and all of the pliers, hammers, bits, files, and implements of a jeweler’s bench. I keep learning and experimenting.


Watercolor Painting




Metalsmithing and Jewelry



Walked one mile in various people’s shoes, stepping occasionally in a inkpad to leave imprints on a mile of paper tape, which was wound into a “film” that unraveled an artifact of the act. 2008

Self portrait as a room, centered on concepts of pattern-making and organized chaos. Elements from home and the local area were collected, painted in a common palette, and constructed into a small sitting room. 2008

Group project to construct a large inflatable object from a sheet of plastic film. Installed in a common area, slightly secluded and obstructing the path, illuminated by colored spotlight above. 2008


Other Media


Artwork by Amanda Hinton